Fire Shutter Installation

It IS possible to have both security AND fire protection from one properly installed product!  The main reason for using Fire Shutters is to compartmentalize a building in order to contain or slow down the spread of fire.  They are typically used as part of a fire-safety plan and having fire resistant shutters can significantly reduce the amount of damage and can help protect property and save lives.  Another reason for using Fire Shutters is to add security to an entrance, exit, or window.


Commercial Application

We work with companies big and small and are proud to provide security and fire protection options based on their specific needs. Whether our customers need a full size automated commercial fire shutter or a hand-drawn window shutter, we have the knowledge, expertise and advanced capabilities to ensure the highest quality product and service and guarantee overall satisfaction.


Residential Applications

If security from fire, damage, theft, or other crime is something that you are concerned about, trust our team at Garage Doors & Service Ltd. to fit your home with the highest quality custom-fit fire shutters on your windows, doors, and garage.


Why Use Fire Shutters?


FIRE It’s best to be prepared when it comes to fire prevention and having the proper safety measures and tools, and a well thought out and detailed plan is imperative. Having Fire Shutters to protect, block, or divide areas in your home will keep fire and smoke damage at bay.


SECURITY Rest assured that your loved ones, your home, precious belongings, and work-place will be kept safe. Fire Shutters are an integral part of any sophisticated security system.


SAFETY Whether you are keeping your home, workplace, or precious items safe; creating a virtually unbreakable barrier between you and any undesirables is the best way to keep them out!


INSULATION A properly and professionally installed Fire Shutter has the ability to help insulate and maintain a desirably controlled climate within its confined space.